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Aichi is located in the center of Japan.
Aichi Prefecture has flourished as a "monozukuri" (manufacturing) base for a long time. In this center of Japanese technology, you will find a wide range of industries, from traditional industries like ceramics and textiles to cutting edge industries like automobiles and aerospace.

Aichi has played a role as a center of history and culture, too, as the birthplace of Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu, figures who changed the history of Japan.
The region is also a center of tradition: Aichi boasts five "yama, hoko and yatai float festivals", which make use of karakuri puppet technology, the origins of monozukuri, and have been shortlisted as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

In every age, Nagoya in Aichi has been a central place for opening up the future, and can be likened to the heart in the human body.

Like the heart, which carries blood throughout the body and makes life glow, Nagoya in Aichi always aims to be a driving force that will give Japan, the world and the future new energy and new impressions.
So, we have expressed our spirit of hospitality, just like the heart logo suggests, so that everyone will get to know and love Aichi.

Together with this symbolic mark, in 2015 Aichi declared the first year of Aichi Tourism, and will go on to undertake a wide variety of tourism projects.

Logo Designer

Graphic Designer

Akio Ogawa(a resident of Nagoya)

Akio Ogawa has a broad experience of brand design and logos, including for Centrair, Children's World Summit for the Environment 2005, COP10 and ESD.

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